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The Fredricks

Monday, March 24, 2014

Make Time for Them

There is one thing I've learned since I've moved away from home—the importance of making time for your family…no matter what. All of my friends talk about how excited they are for their breaks because they get to go see all of their high school friends. Me? I’m excited for some late nights of family poker and stupid arguments that end with someone likely in tears.

Even when I’m away from home, I’ve realized that it’s crucial to take every chance I get to call my family. A simple, “Hi I love and miss you” text could make your mom’s day. Or maybe a phone call while you’re walking to class could put your dad in a better mood. Whatever it is, it needs to be something.  So below I’ve compiled a short list of the best ways to make your time together, and apart, worthwhile.          

1. Face time or FaceTime... whichever one it may be.
  • You know that lovely face in the mirror you see every morning when you wake up? Well your parents definitely know it (hello...they created it), and I can promise you that they miss it. So when you're home for a break, don't consume all of your time for your friends and binge-Netflixing. Organize a family brunch or game night. Your time together will be something your family will cherish even once you're back at college.
  • Not physically home? Make them feel like you are. A simple five-minute FaceTime or Skype call can change your parents' and your own mood, so why wouldn't you make the time to see them? Maybe even consider calling grandma and grandpa sometimes. It'll definitely make them happy too.
2. Go do something or tell them about something you did.
  • When you're home for break, don't waste every minute at home, around the TV or the dinner table. Make a list of fun activities and go do one of them as a family. The best memories come from the moments least expected.
  • "How was your day?" The question I always dreaded when I was younger because I had no desire to elaborate about my daily activities to my parents. So what. If you haven't realized by now, you are your parents' pride and joy. Chances are that their daily activities are much less interesting than yours; so entertain them by elaborating about your day every once and a while. I promise they want to hear about it.
Although competition always seems to cause problems in the family, we still insisted on
finding time to go bowling every once in a while to make my past summer at home more entertaining.
(Source: Michelle Fredricks)
3. Put down your phone... or pick it up.
  • It's simple. When you're with them, put down your phone. To them, they don't understand why you need to constantly stay updated with everyone else when you're with the most important people in your life–your family. 
  • On the contrary, pick up the phone if you're away. I promise that the few minutes you spend talking to your parents or siblings or other family members will be worth your time. And it matters to them so it should matter to you.
Main exception for phone use when you're with family: Selfies.
(Source: Reed Fredricks)
When you're in college, you'll realize one thing: your family isn't as lame as you thought. Yeah, they may love to embarrass you or give you a hard time, but that's what makes a family family. So accept their weirdness, express your own, and always make time for them. It'll make being away from home much easier.

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